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How To Set Yourself Up From That JOB. Episode 65 Retire Well Retire Happy

Businesswoman Janet Culpitt shares her success secrets

It’s a brave person that starts their own business. Businesswoman Janet Culpitt shares her success secrets of small business. Janet grew her family business by mastering the art of networking and now helps other business owners thrive through her coaching service.  Listen and learn how to set yourself up from that JOB.

March 1, 2018
23 min 34sec



  • 2:50 Introduction to Janet
  • 4:00 Business Networking
  • 6:40 Helping clients better tax manage their money and investments
  • 8:10 Home business
  • 11:00 Getting started speaking
  • 13:20 Utilising the boardroom
  • 15:25 Looking toward semi-retirement
  • 22:00 Always have the end in mind




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