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What is your vision for your life? Episode 61 Retire Well Retire Happy

How to create a fulfulling life.

Jim Rhoan said, "If you don't have a plan then you will become part of someone else's plan". What is your vision for your life? Todd Tresidder prioritised building wealth in his life and was able to retire the first time at 35. One size financial planning does not fit all.

February 08, 2018
23 min 56sec



  • 2:00 Adpot a frugal attitude
  • 4:00 You need a plan
  • 6:30 Need to prioritize wealth
  • 11:50 One size does not fit all
  • 14:50 Personal growth is a backend product
  • 18:30 Money gives you time to enjoy experencies
  • 19:00 Habititudes - need habits & attitudes
  • 21:00 It's possible for anyone to change their financial future







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