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Why you should use an expert analyst to safeguard your money? Episode 58 Retire Well Retire Happy

Roger Montgomery shares his views of the strong market

Do self-directed investors have the necessary experience to do the research to make informed investing decision?  Are you better off using an expert analyst to safeguard your money?  Roger Montgomery, founder and Chief Investment Officer of Montgomery Investment Management, answers these questions and shares his analysis of the strong market.

January 18, 2018
21 min 15sec



  • 3:36 Directions from experts
  • 4:27 You need balance
  • 5:50 Mark of maturity
  • 7:30 Goldi Locks conditions
  • 9:25 Hard to find good value ratios
  • 14:30 Shares expensive
  • 17:00 Growth in China
  • 21:00 Can you do the research




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