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How To Create Wealth For The Future. Episode 56 Retire Well Retire Happy

Experts share their investing secrets.

We learn a lot when we listen to others that have been there and done that. It can take years to come up win a successful winning investing strategy. Sit back and enjoy listening to a summary of the experts that have shared their investing secrets in 2017.

January 4, 2018
19 min 18sec


  • 1:50 Investing Choices
  • 3:35 Having an investing father helps
  • 5:10 Create mail box money
  • 7:36 Cash flow wins the race
  • 9:50 Find your investing style
  • 11:45 Cryptocurrency the 4th asset class
  • 13:20 Understanding true diversification
  • 16:40 Join a mastermind investing group


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