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Buying overseas shares is now as simple as online shopping. Episode 52 Retire Well Retire Happy

SMSF portfolios can soon diversify with this simple trading platform

Have you been frustrated in your efforts to buy overseas shares? Matthew Leibowitz used his experience running a Trading Team in Chicago to set up a simple way to buy overseas shares with his new online shop called Stake. Buying overseas has never been easier or cheaper.

November 25, 2017
22 min 51sec


  • 1:30 What is Stake?
  • 2:30 As easy as buying shoes online
  • 5:30 Point of difference
  • 7:10 Execution focused
  • 9:30 Access to more opportunities
  • 11:30 SMSF able to diversify
  • 14:10 Best things are simple
  • 17:00 Top stocks on website
  • 18:00 Capital returns


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