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Improve Your Chances For Success With Life Plans Episode 51 Retire Well Retire Happ

Is your life out of balance?

It is never too late to start a life plan. It can be as simple as taking a pen in hand and record your satisfaction with each area of your life now. Compare your results with a perfect wheel. Now you have a starting point you will see what you need to work on to create more balance in your life.

November 25, 2017
22 min 30sec


  • 1:30 Life & Choices
  • 2:30 wheel of Life
  • 4:32 Trading Plan
  • 5:30 Laws of Life
  • 7:30 New habits
  • 9:30 CEO of you
  • 13:30 Focus equals success
  • 15:00 Different time different answer
  • 19:00 Reventing and learning


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