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Retirement Can Be About Compromise. Episode 49 Retire Well Retire Happy Show

Sharing The Dream.

Retirement can be about compromise. One of the reasons for disagreement is deciding where to live in retirement. Tricia Pimental, author and the Portuguese correspondent for International Living, was convinced by her husband to move to Portugal. Listen to how it has turned out for them.

November 09, 2017
35 min 09sec


  • 2:13 Retirement dilema
  • 4:40 Dip your toe in the water
  • 7:05 Portugal filled with wonderful people
  • 10:05 Ideal for writers
  • 13:34 Expats and locals
  • 17:35 Affordable living
  • 21:12 Visa process
  • 28:02 Advantages of Portugal
  • 36:45 Safe and Pleasant


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