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Sometimes Life throws us a curveball? Episode 47 Retire Well Retire Happy Show

A new path can be very profitable

When a major, unexpected event takes place that puts all that we value in jeopardy we are mostly not prepared. Those are perhaps the lucky ones. Some of us get no warning, no second chance. The circumstance can also force us to search for a new path. My guest today, Kathy Fettke, was lucky, the doctors were wrong about her husband's melanoma. Together they went on to found the Real Wealth Network, member-based, that provides education to create Multi-Million Dollar Real Estate portfolios.

October 26, 2017
26 min 37sec


  • 2:13 Life throws us a game changer
  • 5:30 Invited to visit Australia by Dymphna Boholt
  • 7:10 Co-Founded Real Wealth Newwork member based
  • 14:35 Real Estate Fund
  • 15:50 Where are members investing
  • 20:00 Types of properties
  • 21:45 Network smooths the way
  • 24:10 Learing and giving to charities


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