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What's the chances of becoming a Centenarian? Episode 44 Retire Well Retire Happy Show

Your life choices could influence your longevity

Baby boomers may become the generation that could spend longer in retirement than they did working. What if you could have a "number" for your possible longevity to work towards? How better could your planning be if you knew that age you could look forward to living?

October 7, 2017
20 min 46 sec


  • 1:20 Longevity quotes
  • 4:25 Looking forward
  • 6:00 Plan for your future
  • 7:54 Shape Analyser test
  • 10:15 How to add years to your life
  • 14:00 Time to make a differnece
  • 16:35 Motivate yourself
  • 17:30 Right to be happy at any age
  • 18:45 Change


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