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Do you know what true diversification means? Episode 43 Retire Well Retire Happy Show

Do you know what true diversification means?

Plan to avoid the next financial crisis?My guest today, Paul Engeman from Ainslie Bullion, believes that we should be aware of what true financial diversification means and what could happen when you have all your investing eggs in the one basket.  Episode 43 on Retire Well Retire Happy podcast show is about showing a way to be truly diversified. 

September 28, 2017
32 min 20 sec


  • 2:00 Introduction to Paul Engeman
  • 3:20 Different viewpoint
  • 4:30 Safe haven assets class
  • 9:40 Gold is an inflation hedge
  • 13:50 Vital to get balance right
  • 16:40 G20 - all governments would enact bal in tactics
  • 17:00 How to buy gold and silver
  • 24:00 Cryptocurrencies from 1/7/2017 no GST applies
  • 30:15 Diversification in truest form


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