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Road to anywhere is full of ups and downs: Episode 42 Retire Well Retire Happy Show

Where do you live when you have the wanderlust in you?

When you have had a few knocks in your life and get to retirement age it can be hard to start again financially. If you can't control your income then you can control your expenses by finding places to live overseas that will make your money last longer. Jeff Wilken has had to reinvent himself a few times and combined that with his wanderlust of living in different places. 

September 10, 2017
34 min 52 sec


  • 3:00 Introduction to Jeff Wilken
  • 5:40 Wanderlust the first retirement
  • 7:40 Second Re-Invention class
  • 9:36 Consquences of GFC
  • 13:35 Recipe to go forward
  • 15:15 Wanderlust and becoming an expat
  • 21:30 Living in Thailand
  • 24:10 4 streams of income
  • 29:50 contact details

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