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How to get a better return on your fixed income

Elizabeth Moran shares her knowledge of the Bond Market

Investing can be scary for some. There is a element of risk with any investments. For those that want to be able to sleep at night than bonds are in an asset class to allow you to do that.   Elizabeth Moran works for FIIG, the fixed income specialists, and will help demystify the bond market for us today.

September 14, 2017
28 min 1 sec


  • 3:00 Introduction to Liz Moran
  • 5:41 what is the Fixed Inome
  • 8:00 Defensive asset class
  • 13:15 Asset Classes
  • 15:30 Direct ownership
  • 17:20 Comparison to Term deposits
  • 20:00 3 types of bonds
  • 23:40 Corporate bonds
  • 26:200 contact details


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