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Are you letting Fear stop you investing in Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies the 4th asset class.

Cryptocurrencies the 4th asset class. Fear can hold us back, stopping us from trying something new. It is being hailed as the new 4th asset class. Cryptocurrency has boomed and continues to send the charts in a never ending upward movement. The number of cryptocurrencies has grown to over 800. What do you know about them?

August 31, 2017
23 min 57 sec


  • 1:50 Nathan Van den Bosch founder of Bitcointrader
  • 4:05 Cryptocurrencies
  • 7:10 Most popular ryptocurrencies
  • 10:30 Investing Alternate
  • 11:45 Incredible returns
  • 13:30 How to get started
  • 14:50 Hardware wallets
  • 16:40 Security and hot wallets
  • 19:00 Buy & Hold or currency
  • 20:50 Future of cryptocurrencies


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