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How to lead an active Retirement

Heath coach promotes getting our lives back in balance

Who said life in retirement had to be sedentary. We owe it to ourselves to keep active and keep ourselves in the best shape possible. Julia Chidgey is a health coach and promotes how easy and important for us to take a look at our health choices to get our lives back in balance. Having a health coach may just be the secret weapon you need to support you in your quest to get you feeling on top of the world again

August 24, 2017
24 min 28 sec


  • 2:00 Julia Chidgey background
  • 3:50 Life Coach extension
  • 5:o0 Wheel of Life
  • 7:00 How to find a Health Coach
  • 10:30 Breaking Old Habits
  • 13:25 Core Belief
  • 15:30 How to change
  • 16:50 Trap for older people
  • 20:50 Where do we struggle
  • 22:00 Be poractive


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