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Be Ahead of the Pack

Tim Klingner is benefiting from starting his investing journey young

Just imagine knowing that your financial future was taken care of and you can look forward to your retirement.  The things you do today will have a bearing on your future.Today’s podcast guest on Retire Well Retire Happy, Tim Klingner, started playing the ASX (Australian Stock Exchange) share trading game while still at high school.  It gave him the confidence and knowledge to start his investing journey at an early age.

August 17, 2017
26 min 52 sec


  • 1:50 Tim Klingner background
  • 3:50 Early trading
  • 5:40 Mentors and refining strategy
  • 6:50 Growth strategy
  • 9:00 Superannuation Australia's answer to IRAs and 401K's
  • 11:15 Tim's criteria
  • 13:30 Follow the trend
  • 18:00 Find your reason to invest first
  • 20:30 Where does Tim find stocks
  • 21:30 Recommended resources

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