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Investing can give you Choices in Retirement

Noel Edwards reveals how he Mastered his Investing style

Some of us are self-directed investors that look after the investing of their own nest eggs. Whether by need or for the challenge there are many of us out there that are making good money investing in the stock market? Noel Edwards has agreed to share his investing journey with us in this latest episode of Retire Well Retire Happy podcast. Noel has become a success investor in the stock market by doing the work; he read the books, does his research and developed an investing strategy. Noel after initial trial and error has come up with a winning strategy that suits him and his lifestyle giving him ample time to enjoy his hobbies and interests.

August 3, 2017
32 min 56 sec


  • 1:50 Noel Edwards background
  • 3:00 Retirement goal
  • 5:00 Slow start to investing
  • 6:20 After retiring got serious
  • 8:40 Noels investing strategy
  • 12:50 Noels filters
  • 18:15 Risk management
  • 20:30 Control your emotions
  • 21:00 Recommended resources

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