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Episode #97: Happiness Is A Choice We Can Make For Retirement

Neville Garnham is Never Going To Retire


25 min 32 sec


  • Neville Garnham is an entrepreneur, a highly sought after public speaker and educator, a successful business owner, corporate manager, author and a medical success story. Author or two books: ‘Integrative Leadership in Projects - Hints & Tips to Improve Your Leadership Whatever Your Role’ & ‘Tomato Soup Heaven’. In his spare time Neville is a Guest lecturer: University of Southern Queensland (10 years) and Adjunct Teaching Fellow: Bond University (Gold Coast) 2013-14.
    • It's a bold statement to make to say you are never going to retire. Neville Garnham believe that happiness is a choice we can make for retirement. Neville believes that if he stopped working and vegetated than he would surely die quickly. Keeping busy through working, mentoring, lecturing and volunteering is going to keep him happily busy for many year to come.

      • 4:00 Background on Neville
      • 5:00 What does Retirement look mean?
      • 9:30 Retirement is changing/li>
      • 11:00 Adopt a lifetime of learning cycle to stay mentally alert
      • 14:00 Hapiness is a Choice
      • 15:10 Enjoys Mentoring and Coaching
      • 18:00 Older people need interaction with others
      • 19:50 Leadership - it's up to them
      • 24:00 Author of the book 'Tomato Soup heaven'
      • 26:15 Contact Neville


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