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Episode 95:Granny Flat Arrangement For Seniors

Affordable Housing Options For Seniors Care


25 min 53 sec


  • We are all living a lot longer and as Baby Boomers we face the prospect of caring for our parents as they age. What is the best strategy for taking care of our elderly parents, a question that more baby boomers are asking? Steve Jenkosky from Golden Age Advisory talks about the growing popularity of Granny Flat Arrangement for Seniors. This gives families an affordable housing option for seniors care that can also provide favourable financial solutions for estate planning.
    • 4:00 Helping provide a way for Parents to receive Care & Support
    • 5:15 Granny Flat arrangements the concept
    • 7:00 Be aware of the gifting rules
    • 8:00 How to create and establish a Granny Flat Right
    • 12:30 The reasonabale test looks at life expentancy and the pension
    • 15:00 Risks to take into consideration
    • 18:15 Who pays for what for whom?
    • 22:20 What is a Life Tenancy?
    • 24:00 Forethought and Planning
    • 24:40 Contact Steve


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