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Episode 94:More Baby Boomers Are Facing The Poverty Trap In Retirement

Why Your Decisions And Behaviour Affect Your Bottom Line For Retirement.


27 min 9 sec


  • We can't all live off social security so where is the other money coming from? Ray Ciafardini host of the Radical Retirement Podcast helps to shin the light on the number of baby boomers that have not saved for retirement. Nobody wants to end up Old and Broke. So why are so many baby boomers falling into the poverty trap.
    • 3:00 About Ray
    • 7:30 We are not looking far enough ahead
    • 10:15 Tough battle
    • 13:15 Latest statistics on Savings for Retirement is a big wake up call for Baby Boomers
    • 15:00 More financial education needed
    • 18:30 More affordable housing options would help
    • 21:20 The book 'The Millionarie Messenger', has inspired Ray
    • 23:30 Social security will not cover your living expenses.


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