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Episode 92. Want To Increase The Size Of Your Nest Egg For Retirement?

Why Your Decisions And Behaviour Affect Your Bottom Line For Retirement.


25 min 31 sec


  • Before we can enjoy our retirement we need to prepare. What you do in the prepare section of your life up to age 60 will define your future.
    • Darryl Lyons came from humble beginngs and was always fascinated by money.
        Darryl shares insights for those who want to increase the size of your nest egg. Darryl is a Certified Financial Planner and a Behavioral Financial Advisor and explains the importance of knowing why your decisions and behaviour affect your bottom line for retirement.
        • 3:00 About Darryl
        • 4:50 Money is just more than math
        • 6:15 Your Nest Egg is the Direct Result of People's Decisions and Behaviours
        • 13:15 Instead of Retiring Darryl sees us Pivoting into the next chapter to a Life of Purpose
        • 17:00 New Book:- 'A Simple and Practical Guide to Money and Retirement for All Ages - 18 to 80' out soon
        • 19:00 You need to add a Pause before all of your purchases - called mindful shopping
        • 20:00 The Sandwich Generation - sees the kids moving back home taking care of the parents
        • 22:00 Darryl is leading by example and believes in giving back to your community.


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