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What happens when you are 50 and homeless? Episode 91 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

Poverty and homelessness is a trap for many women.


34 min 31 sec


  • 1:50 Australian, Wendy Coe, talks with Ann about how poverty and homelessness is a trap for many women. Wendy knows what happens when you are 50 and homeless as she chooses to work in this ever growing sector. Wendy has survived leaving home at 17 and being a stay at home single mother. This is a hard hitting episode that is a wake up call to all women.
  • 3:00 About Wendy
  • 7:30 Older Homeless women over 50 increasing
  • 12:30 Lack of suitable single accommodation options
  • 16:10 Family support if available
  • 19:50 Bias of older women
  • 23:00 We need affodrable housing solutions
  • 26:00 More support needed for those women
  • 31:00 Basic financial skills including budgeting needs to be taught in schools
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