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How to make money online. Episode 88 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

One job that allows you to live anywhere in the world.


28 min 48 sec


  • 2:20 John Ratcliffe, a self taught share market trade, educator, Entrepreneur, Property Investor and Sucess Coach whos life purposes is helping people find their true passion in life and financial freedom trhough trading.
  • 3:35 Reinvented himself when became an expat in Argentina
  • 4:25 John explain the difference bewteen a trader and an investor
  • 13:00 Keep your trading strategy simple
  • 13:45 The importance of having role models
  • 15:40 Legacies and honing in on your passion
  • 19:20 Turn your life around at any age
  • 22:20 John uses edgewonk.com journaling tool to keep track of his trades
  • 24:20 Trading style and tools of the trade


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