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Retire Well, Retire Happy: The Podcast

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How to win in the stock market with inter market analysis. Episode 90 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

Get the results you desire using the right tools for the job.


23 min 11 sec


  • 1:50 Part 2 with Lane Mendelsohn, from Vantage Point Software, talking about how to win in the stock market with inter market analysis.
  • 3:00 Simple to use software
  • 5:10 Protect your capital being right 86% of the time
  • 8:00 Give yourself freedom of time
  • 13:10 Step by step to coach you in the right direction
  • 14:50 Expand and diversify with the confidence of support
  • 18:00 Research & development ongoing
  • 20:00 In Person events
  • 21:00 Contact details or follow the web link on the page


    Learn how to protect and grow the nest egg. Episode 89 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

    Do you have time on your side?


    22 min 11 sec


    • 1:50 Paul Mendelsohn, President and son of the founder of Vantage Point, a company that was first to develop artificial intelligence in trading software.
    • 3:05 The legacy, a visionary on the cutting edge
    • 6:10 25,000 customers around the world
    • 7:00 Protect your retirement savings first
    • 9:30 Never to young to start
    • 11:50 Having the right tools and a game plan will give you confidence, which leads to competence and results will follow
    • 14:20 Intermarket analysis at a touch of a button
    • 15:30 Forcasting with an 86% accuracy
    • 20:20 Important to know your why


      How to make money online. Episode 88 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

      One job that allows you to live anywhere in the world.


      28 min 48 sec


      • 2:20 John Ratcliffe, a self taught share market trade, educator, Entrepreneur, Property Investor and Sucess Coach whos life purposes is helping people find their true passion in life and financial freedom trhough trading.
      • 3:35 Reinvented himself when became an expat in Argentina
      • 4:25 John explain the difference bewteen a trader and an investor
      • 13:00 Keep your trading strategy simple
      • 13:45 The importance of having role models
      • 15:40 Legacies and honing in on your passion
      • 19:20 Turn your life around at any age
      • 22:20 John uses edgewonk.com journaling tool to keep track of his trades
      • 24:20 Trading style and tools of the trade


        Are you going to be re-fired or retired? Episode 87 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

        How to avoid getting stuck in the moment.


        26 min 24 sec


        • 2:20 Kerry Hannon, author of 'What's Next, Follow your Passsion and Find Your Dream Job", explains the difference between encore and a second career.
        • 5:30 People often go into morning for their old job.
        • 9:00 Jobs that ride the age wave
        • 13:20 Biggest job hunting mistakes
        • 20:00 Tips to work with a younger boss
        • 23:50 Think of this period in your life are re-firing not retiring
        • 25:10 Contact details


          How To Prepare For The Second Act Of Your Life. Episode 86 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

          Be prepared to face ageism in the workforce.


          20 min 23 sec


          • 2:20 Kerry Hannon, nationally recognized expert and strategist on career transitions, personal finance and retirement in the USA
          • 3:05 Starting a new direction
          • 5:20 Redeploy your skills
          • 8:00 Plan to continue working
          • 9:20 Ageism is alive and well in the workplace
          • 12:20 Get yourself prepared with Kerry's Fitness program
          • 16:50 Be financially fit
          • 18:30 Find peace
          • 19:10 Contact details


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