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Retire Well, Retire Happy: The Podcast

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How to optimize our health from the inside out. Episode 74 Retire Well Retire Happy.

Learn how a body builder discovered the secrets to awesome health

23 min 38sec


  • 1:50 Introduction to Wade T Lightheart
  • 3:20 Change of course
  • 5:15 Major health crisis
  • 7:30 Biggest challenge was biggest opportunity
  • 8:46 The level below the diet
  • 10:00 We need Enzymes to break down food
  • 13:30 Does your system metabolize your food
  • 17:30 Patented single strain probiotics work best
  • 19:05 Double my energy course



Planning can advantage you in your golden years. Episode 73 Retire Well Retire Happy

Seek advice from experts in Elder Care

A combination of baby boomers starting to retire and the challenges governments face around the world with providing services for this aging population spurred Steve Jenkosky on to start Golden Age Advisory. Planning can advantage you in your golden years as people struggle with government red tape. Seek advice from experts in Elder Care for the best choices for your loved ones.

26 min 16sec


  • 1:30 Introduction to Steve Jenkosky
  • 5:00 As we age
  • 10:00 It will never happen to me
  • 14:00 Home Care
  • 17:35 Aged care is complex
  • 18:00 No 2 circumstances are the same
  • 24:00 Have that conversation with the family
  • 25:00 Contact



How to Retire to a new country. Episode 72 Retire Well Retire Happy

Start with volunteering and work your way up

Stephanie Cunningham  and her partner visited Australia, fell in love and came back to stay permanently.  A great way to fit into a new country is to start with volunteering and work your way up. Through a love of yoga Stephanie started teaching and found a new purpose of helping seniors.

19 min 8sec


  • 1:30 Introduction to Stephanie Cunningahm
  • 3:45 Retiring to a new country, Australia
  • 7:00 Finding a new purpose
  • 8:45 The Retirement myth
  • 10:55 Finding fulfillment and pleasure
  • 15:00 How to keep moving
  • 17:30 Podcasts, listen to conversations
  • 18:30 Contact



Learn how to set up simple positive cash flow. Episode 71 Retire Well Retire Happy

Do you want to leave the rat race behind?

Lane Kawaoka is setting himself up to leave the rat race behind. Starting from a young age Lane rented out his house for a profit.  This encouraged the purchase of several more homes. Lane now coaches, mentors and has become a Real Estate Entrepreneur doing syndicated private equity group deals. From Lane you will learn how to set up simple positive cash flow with Real Estate.

28 min 17sec



  • 1:40 Introduction to Lane Kawaoka from SimplePositiveCashFlow.com
  • 2:15 First real estate purchase
  • 4:25 Why Real Estate?
  • 10:05 Leave the rate race behind
  • 11:10 Move up to syndicated private equity groups
  • 14:00 Evaluate a good deal
  • 18:00 Where does Lane buy?
  • 21:00 Alternative investing
  • 27:00 Contact



How to make a great impression for the over 50s. Episode 70 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

Practical tips for the job hunter from Mac Prichard

Over 50 and looking for work? You will benefit from these practical tips for the job hunter from Mac Prichard, of Mac's List, an online Job Board. Learn how to make a great impression for the over 50s.

25 min 10sec


  • 3:00 Introduction to Mac Prichard
  • 5:00 Who uses Mac's List
  • 5:50 Baby Boomers face age discrimination
  • 7:00 Pay attention to your social media content
  • 13:00 Modern looking resumes
  • 17:30 Demonstrate you are up with technology
  • 21:30 Pay attention to your grooming
  • 24:30 Contact


How to look forward to your retirement. Episode 69 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

Eric Brotman's love of financial literacy is infectious.

Getting kids interested in money and how it works is the key to getting young ones financial future off on the right foot. Eric says,"You don’t want to end up old and broke." Listen to Eric Brotman's take of how to look forward to your retirement.

25 min 07sec


  • 3:00 Introduction to Eric Brotman
  • 3:30 Best time to get advice
  • 4:20 Are you graduating into retirement?
  • 7:30 Financial literacy should be taught in schools
  • 11:30 Have the Retirement conversation
  • 17:00 Don't have to keep up with the Jonses
  • 19:30 Discuss finances with adult children and parents
  • 24:00 Contact Eric Brotman
    • Eric offers securities through Kestra Investment Services, LLC (Kestra IS), member FINRA/SIPC. Investment advisory services offered through Kestra Advisory Services, LLC (Kestra AS), an affiliate of Kestra IS. Kestra IS and Kestra AS are not affiliated with Brotman Financial Group or any entity referenced herein. Neither Kestra IS nor Kestra AS provide tax or legal advice. The opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and may not necessarily reflect those held by Kestra IS or Kestra AS. This is for general information only and is not intended to provide specific investment advice or recommendations for any individual. It is suggested that you consult your financial professional, attorney, or tax advisor with regard to your individual situation. Comments concerning the past performance are not intended to be forward looking and should not be viewed as an indication of future results.


Learn how a Stressed executive gained a better quality of life. Episode 68 Retire Well Reitre Happy Podcast

How to make money with raw land.

It’s amazing where you journey can take you. Usually we start looking for something else when we are not happy with what we are currently doing. Learn how a Stressed executive gained a better quality of life. Mark Podolsky life changed when he learned how to make money with raw land deals.

24 min 05sec


  • 2:15 Introduction to Mark Podolsky
  • 3:00 Raw Land deals
  • 4:30 Tax Liens
  • 8:00 Marks system
  • 11:00 No competition
  • 12:00 Turned Software developer
  • 18:00 Benefits
  • 23:00 Contact


Do you suffer from the fear of missing out on life? Episode 67 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast.


Do you suffer from the fear of missing out on life? Our lives have no limitations, except the ones you make says Les Brown. If you want to know how to achieve anything you want then you will need to realize that anything is possible to create the life of your dreams.

13 min 17sec



  • 1:40 Limitations we place on ourselves
  • 2:10 Afraid of change
  • 3:00 Retirees have time
  • 4:25 Tackle new challenges
  • 7:00 Worthwhile projects
  • 8:00 Happiness
  • 10:40 Challenges
  • 12:20 Help someone







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