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Retire Well, Retire Happy: The Podcast

Subscribe to the podcast featuring Ann Nelson interviewing the people that got it right. Learn tips and techniques to help set you up in retirement.

Learn how not to lose money. Episode 82 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

Know why life can be so much better with a plan and a why.


28 min 51 sec


  • 3:25 Paul Moore's background
  • 5:00 Know the difference between investing and speculating
  • 6:00 Lessons from investing mistakes
  • 8:00 Multi family real estate pays off
  • 13:00 Working with syndications
  • 15:50 About Wellings Capital
  • 21:00 Investors need a Why
  • 26:30 How to Lose Money podcast


    Politicians need to leave our retirement savings alone.  Episode 75 Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast

    Alarm bells sound and will hit the poorest retirees hardest


    23 min 33sec


    • 1:50 Scrapping the Imputation credit cash rebate prooblem
    • 3:20 Double tax of company dividends
    • 5:15 Aged pension or self reliant?
    • 8:30 Change the way retirees look at assets
    • 9:46 Politicians keep changing the goal posts
    • 13:30 Estate planning
    • 16:30 Aged penion in Australia will end up being welfare only
    • 20:45 Contact Noel Whittaker




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