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In her book ‘Retire Well, Retire Happy’ the author, Ann Nelson, covers in depth the subject everyone needs to prepare for… retirement. It is very important for your physical and mental well-being that there is a reason to get out of bed everyday. This book delivers that message in a powerful, easy to understand way … outlining clearly the steps that can be taken. This book is a must read to avoid the challenges that go with retiring and to not get to that stage of life and live with daily regrets; to make this time an easy transition from one stage of life to the next exciting stage. I give accolades to the author for providing this all important information in an easy to read and motivating style. Ann Nelson has captured the magic essence with her words to help the reader to get fulfillment and happiness in retirement.

—Karen J Scott International Author/Speaker

Ann Nelson has tapped into the heart and soul of wealth generation, creation and preservation. No matter where you are in life, you NEED a mentor, a coach, a guide to becoming successful in any endeavour. Through her book, “Retire Well, Retire Happy” Ann has created a blueprint for life, living and loving your retirement years.

—Spike Humer, Performance Accelerator and Success Engineer