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Why do you need to invest?

Experts share their investing secrets. We learn a lot when we listen to others that have been there and done that. It can take years to come up with a successful winning investing strategy. We don’t need to re-invent the wheel. That is why I enjoy talking to guests that have had a go and have come up with their own investing strategy. We can all take advantage of their experience and appreciate their efforts to create a better financial future.

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Feeling stressed and wanting to escape big city life?

What do you do when your life is so busy that you continually feel stressed out?  Do you feel that you are on the go all the time leaving home early to race off to work and coming home late after dark? Are your health suffering and you just don’t seem to be able to take the time to get better?  Do you spend your weekends collapsed on the sofa trying to muster the strength to tackle the week ahead?  There are many of us that can relate to this image of being on the go all the time and never having quite enough time to recharge.

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The ups and downs of life and getting out of pools

Some of us have always lived in the same town, and others have had many places they have called home.  My parents owned many small businesses from when I was young. It just seemed that every couple of years we sold up and moved on to other opportunities. I have lived in over 60 different places and I think my kids are following in my footsteps. My son and daughter left home many years ago and both live interstate.  


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Secrets to a Successful  Retirement

Everyone wants to know the secret. We want the inside knowledge on how to achieve what we have been dreaming about - a happy retirement.  How do we actually succeed at anything? The secret is simple; you have to know what you want.  If you can describe in detail what it is you desire then you see it more clearly and can move in that direction. When you are vague and can only give a general

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How to Escape the Rate Race

Do you dream of escaping the rate race, of not having to go to work each day? Do you think about not having to get up early, come home late, never seeing the family because you are stuck in traffic? Do you keep missing those important milestones in the family’s life?


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Downsizing - Selling up and Moving On. Get Expert help.

Where are we going to live in retirement? At least half of us are going to sell up, move on and downsize. We move for various reasons. Some of us are downsizing because we are now empty nesters. The children have left home and we can do something better with our time then cleaning a big house and maintaining a large yard. Some of us move because we want to live in a warmer climate. In the USA the move is south closer to Florida.

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Help!  It looks like I have run out of money, or have I?

A financial wake-up call will scare the living daylights out of you. Running out of money, or not enough money is an expression we hear quite a bit these days.   I will bet you know someone in that position. This is becoming more prevalent as more and more Baby Boomers move into retirement.

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Saving and Investing Tips from America's Money Answer Man, Jordan Goodman

To be happy in retirement is a dream for all of us. We are all living longer so the years spent in retirement are growing.  The challenge is to be able to accumulate the nest egg that will generate enough income to be to enjoy this life.

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Retirement Coach, Ann Nelson, looks at ways to maintain your health in Retirement. Once you reach your retirement, you may get tempted to spend a lot of time relaxing and doing you love most.  It is very important to prioritize your hobbies when you retire.  However, your health should always come first.  This is because an old person is likely to get sick due to the inactive immune system in the body.  When you get ill, the rate of healing also slows down to the condition of your immune system.  Consequently, you are prone to suffer cancer because your immune system can’t effectively detect and fix cell defects. For that reason, you should try as much as possible to stay healthy.  Here are some ways in which you can keep your body health;

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Cost-Saving Tips for Travellers in Retirement

If you save wisely during your working days so as to live the retirement of your dreams, then traveling must be one of the things which you would like to do.  Definitely, you would like to experience the best meals, hotels, and adventure while you are driving on foreign land.  In fact, traveling is considered  the first goal of many retirees, even more, that spending time with family and friends.  Some of the world’s popular destinations where the many retiree dreams of visiting in their

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Where Are You Going To Live When You Retire? 6 friends decided to create their own Co-Housing Retirement Community!

Where are you going to live when you retire? This is a very important question. The reality is that we are all aging, even if we are not as old as some other folks yet; so we all need to deal with the question about where we will live when we are the age to retire, sooner or later.

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Learn the Importance of Seeking Financial Advice from expert Louise Agnew

Importance of Seeking Financial Advice

Many successful investors consider the financial advisors as their primary source of financial information. Women are slightly more likely to seek financial advice than men. It is true that, many individuals need help on many steps to implement a necessary financial plan for retirement goals.  The earlier you seek financial advice in preparation for retirement, the better. As a youth, you should ask yourself;

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Reinventing Yourself After 50 Is the Best Way To Prepare for Retirement: The Stephen Parr Story


One way of increasing the ability to cope with retirement is to start reinventing yourself after 50, while there’s still time to experiment with what a new life, post working life, might look like.

Retirement is a stage of life that everyone will experience, however, it’s often overlooked as people see it as being too far in their future to really worry about.  Plus, many people see entering retirement as the ‘beginning of the end’ of their life, so want to avoid thinking about it at all costs. 

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Retirement Coach Cites Benefits of Volunteering During Retirement

Retirement coach Ann Nelson recommends doing volunteer work during retirement to stay active, keep friends and be part of something noble. 

Following a retirement is the honeymoon period that lasts usually about 12 months. During this time people feel free, released and excited. After that initial euphoria, adjustment to retirement kicks in and the retirees realise life goes on and there is a need to reset goals and reorganise their way of being in order to feel a sense of purpose to have the direction to enjoy the latter years.


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Tips from an expert hard nosed Budget Traveler,  Shane Thomas

Could you travel the world for less than $7000 AUS year? Accordingly to hard nose Budget Traveler, Shane Thomas, travelling is an interesting thing that many people who retire can achieve. However, some people can’t afford to cater for the high expenses associated to those travels. In a show “Retire Well Retire Happy” hosted by Ann Nelson, we get the full experience on how to travel cheaply from an interview of Shane Thomas.  In the interview, Shane shares his experience since retirement and how she has been spending his retirement life. 

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Making money with Jam. Listen to Owen & Kaye Pope's explain how having a system will lead to success


Owen and Kaye Pope went back into a version of their previous business after their retirement which proved to be very successful and beneficial. They are the founders of Anathoth, which turned out to be New Zealand’s favorite jam and pickle brand. Owen was originally from Invercargill on the Southerly tip

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After Retirement Startup:  How one Retired couple filled the void with surprising benefits.

David Hine and wife Valerie made the best out of their retirement by joining a startup company by the name Herbalife that was part of a multi-level marketing system. Joining Herbalife was a desirable idea for David and Valerie because of many factors that include; their retirement had started getting a little bit boring, so they decided to try something out, the startup cost required was low and thus affordable and lastly because they needed finances to support the hearing project in Nepal. The idea turned out to be the most brilliant and profitable later on after they had adopted it fully.

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Re-inventing yourself in retirement? Learn how Kiwi, Stephen Parr, has succeeded.

Australian retirement coach and host of Podcast show of ‘Retire Well, Retire Happy’ Ann Nelson, interviews Stephen Parr, a former Financial Advisor, on how he has transitioned successfully from work to retirement.

Well! Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living.

Before retirement Stephen Parr, a resident of Tauranga, located at  Bay of Plenty in New-Zealand had spent his  life working for various Institutions, from working as a Forester with the government and a major New-Zealand’s Company, to moving into Horticulture and owning a tree and shrub nursery, then moving to a whole new career becoming a Financial planner. Finishing off this career he owned a company which he ran for 25 years.

Retirees like these want more out of the second half of their life, so they are re-inventing their lives around that goal writing a new chapter in their life.

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Posted by on in Stories

When my SMSF (Self Managed Superannuation Fund) was established my advisor at the time, Heath Hill, advised me to have my funds allocated between Australian Shares that paid a dividend and cash. As I already owned property it was decided I did not need any more in my super fund. After a few years of attending seminars and

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Retire sooner, what can you do to future proof your right to put your feet up?

My aunt just turned 90 and her guaranteed income from her annuity finished at 90. She has outlived her money and now has to get used to living on the pension.  How long will your retirement savings last? What could you do to put more into your savings to make your nest egg  last longer? Why you could even retire sooner if you get your strategy right. 

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