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Will fear stop you job hunting in your 50s?


Advice for baby boomers looking for a new direction

Is there a chance you may have to find yourself a new job in your 50's or even older? Do you think this kind of thing will never happen to you? 

It is not uncommon to have had more than a few jobs changes these days unlike our predecessors. They had the same job their entire working life. Now several career changes are normal. I personally had six changes by my mid-20s. We are fearless when we are younger and looking for work does not seem a challenge. However when we are older the insecurity that comes with life pressures and family expectations puts a different spin on things.

Fear can hold us back from doing many things. We need to work out exactly what we are afraid of. What makes us fearful? Is it fear of rejection, fear of having to change, fear of losing respect, fear of failure, fear of dealing with a younger work force and the possibility of ending up with a young boss?

"You never fail until you stop trying."

Albert Einstein

Albert has a point. The only way to deal with fear is to maintain a positive outlook and keep meeting those challenges with that strong vibrant energy. When we get to 50 plus then we have experience on our side that will stand us in good stead and help us tackle what life throws at us.

Finding a new direction in our 50's is a bonus. It is the ideal time in which to indulge our interests. We have been busy working and providing for our families and now, finally, it may be our time to chase our dreams and work at something that gives us personal satisfaction. Updating our skills may be a strong and necessary possibility. Senior workers still have a valuable contribution to make to the workforce. It may even be the time to mentor younger people. Whatever your position you will benefit from seeking professional help to get you the work you prefer.

These days many of the jobs are located on job boards, like Mac's List, online. Here you will find jobs, advice and courses to update your skills. It may be that you are able to make a significant contribution to society with your knowledge and experience. Look around your community to see where your skills could make a difference and tap into your network of friends and colleagues. Advice for baby boomers looking for a new direction can be found in many places. Consider your network, your community and online job boards. There is help out there. Will fear stop you job hunting in your 50's? 

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Monday, 24 September 2018

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