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What's you Retirement Vision? Are you willing to compromise?

What's you Retirement Vision? Are you willing to compromise?

The retirement vision is something we eagerly await. Some of us have a clearly defined picture of our future retired lives. We know the location, the activities, the travel and dream of the free time. What happens then when this definition of our retired life is not duplicated by our partner? After all those years together, could we possibly want a different life in retirement to them?

"Retirement is a major stressor on relationships, because people are so preoccupied with setting up the financial bedrock of retirement that they don't think about interpersonal challenges. They don't think about the lifestyle change," says Bornstein, co-author of How to Age in Place written with his wife, psychologist Mary Languirand.

Retirement can be about compromise. One of the reasons for disagreement is deciding where to live in retirement. In the past retired folks tended to stick close to their family and friends, and it worked well. They could rely on support as they age. Longevity has increased our lifespan, complicating things. It is now not so simple.

One trend is to downsize and go and live with likeminded golden-agers. The advantage of this move is to reduce the amount of work in and around the house and we also gain the ability to share our lives with others with similar interests.

Another trend is to relocate overseas to achieve a lower cost of living, live in a milder climate and be closer to all those places you wanted to visit but never had the time to go. Increased support for expats via websites and magazine articles has encouraged people to take the plunge and move to a foreign country. If your hobbies and interests are portable then it is not difficult to make the move.

Here are some helpful things you should consider when relocating. Whether you are moving within your state, interstate or to another country, having a register of what is important to you will assist you as you research prospective retirement locations. The reasons for relocating and what is important to you will influence what is on your register. 

Tricia Pimental, author and the Portuguese correspondent for International Living, was convinced by her husband to move to Portugal. With a hesitant start, Tricia fell in love with the history, architecture, museums, the weather, the Roman ruins in her adopted country and found the ideal platform to continue her love of writing completing her third book, A Moveable Marriage.   After renting for five years they are now buying their own property to cement their commitment to sharing their dream in new terrain.  Have a listen to Tricia’s story.

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Friday, 16 November 2018

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