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Retirement Coach, Ann Nelson, looks at ways to maintain your health in Retirement. Once you reach your retirement, you may get tempted to spend a lot of time relaxing and doing you love most.  It is very important to prioritize your hobbies when you retire.  However, your health should always come first.  This is because an old person is likely to get sick due to the inactive immune system in the body.  When you get ill, the rate of healing also slows down to the condition of your immune system.  Consequently, you are prone to suffer cancer because your immune system can’t effectively detect and fix cell defects. For that reason, you should try as much as possible to stay healthy.  Here are some ways in which you can keep your body health;

  • 1.      Eat well

     Eating well is good for your healthy lifestyle. However, it should be part of your routine as you age. It encourages the immune system as well as making your feel good.  You should be ready and willing to limit empty calories like cholesterol, refined grains, sodium, and sugar.  Try as much as possible to vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and grains.

    2.      Exercise

    You should exercise regularly as you get old since exercise helps your body prevent health problems.   Consequently, exercise strengthens your bones.  The studies have concluded that regular exercise helps to boost mood. In other words, exercise keeps your body fit and healthy.

     3.      Drink reasonably

    Regular consumption of alcohol adversely affects your body including your heart, brain, immune system, liver, and pancreas.  You should take a reasonable amount of alcohol as you get older.  Ensure you are drinking wisely not to spoil your body.

    4.      Take good care of your mental as well as keeping yourself safe

    You should take a good care of your mental well-being. Though retirement is an awesome time, it can turn to be worse without the good support group.  Always make your home as comfortable and accessible as possible.

    5.      Visit the doctor regularly

     You should be a good doctor-patient.  Ensure you visit your doctor anytime you have health concerns.  If you feel any body complication, don’t wait until the last minute, visit the doctor immediately.   In short, keep your body health from any form of complication. 

  • Visit www.annnelson.com.au for more retirement tips and see what others have been getting up to in their retirement.
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Sunday, 09 December 2018

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