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Want to diversify your portfolio with ease?

Want to diversify your portfolio with ease?

There is a new trading platform which is as simple to use as online shopping. If you are a self-directed investor, like me, then growing your portfolio balance is important. Diversification has been talked about a lot lately. The saying ‘Don't have all your eggs in the one basket' rings true today as it always has. But what is diversification and how easy is it to achieve? Some say that owning a mix of Australian shares in different sectors is diversified. Others say that does not go far enough and we should be investing in un-correlated assets, like bullion and cryptocurrencies. Then some are also saying we should be investing in overseas shares.

Being a trustee of a Self-Managed Super Fund in Australia comes with rules and regulations. This vehicle for saving money for retirement in Australia has tax advantages but also comes with obligations. You can't invest in anything unless your trust deed says you can. Put simply if you wanted to diversify your portfolio into other asset classes or overseas shares then you need a trust deed check-up first. Your SMSF specialist lawyer and your SMSF accountant will need to be consulted first.

"After a long period of allocating large amounts of their investment portfolios to cash, SMSF members are now rediscovering their appetite for growth assets. However, the current state of the Australian equities market means SMSF investors are now having to consider less traditional means to uncover viable growth assets", reports Elizabeth Somerville from SMSMagazine.

Investing in overseas shares has come with its challenges. Currency conversion fees, trading fees and setting up accounts with platforms to trade overseas is not without its challenges. Opening an account with a trading platform can take weeks if not months. Traditional trading platforms are also complicated to use and easily off-putting for the novice investor. This, however, should not prevent us from opening ourselves up to these opportunities to grow our portfolios.

Investing in overseas shares is now simple and affordable for Australian Investors thanks to a new website stake.com.au. Stake founder and chief executive Matt Leibowitz said he saw the role of Stake as providing all Australian investors with access to overseas markets and SMSFs are a big part of that. "Currently it's about 1 percent of SMSF assets invested in overseas shares, whereas the Future Fund has 22 percent and industry funds have about 26 percent exposure," Leibowitz said the process for any Australian investor to access the US market was broken.

"We're solving an access and execution problem because it's been too hard – I've had to physically drop a form off to apply for an international trading account and wait a month," he said.

If you want to diversify your portfolio with ease Stake has made it cheaper and more affordable to invest in overseas shares. Additionally, they have set up the platform to make gifting of shares as easy as buying a pair of shoes. The Stake trading platform has revolutionized the art of shopping for shares with this new platform as simple as online shopping. Check out Ann's interview with the founder of Stake, Matthew Leibowitz. 

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Friday, 16 November 2018

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