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Want more success in your life?

Want more success in your life?

Do you want more success in your life?  Do you dream of things that you can accomplish? Do you know what ‘your success’ should/would look like? So many of us drift along through life without having a goal, a life plan and wake up one day and realise that a few decades have swept past. Where does all that time go and where are the accomplishments?


When we make a decision we do so with the best information on hand at the time. Would we make the same decisions in hindsight? Most probably not, and if we are fortunate we have learned from our mistakes. A baby does not stop trying to stand up just because it falls down. I certainly would have given up investing long ago if I had made that choice after my first loss. It is not logical to assume we get everything right on our first attempt. Bob Proctor says we ‘fail our way to success’.


It is never too late to start a life plan. It can be as simple as taking a pen in hand and recording your progress to date. I have a downloadable Wheel of Life tool on my resources page that can be used for this exercise. To go forward then you need to take stock of your current situation.  The eight sections in the Wheel of Life represent balance.  The centre of the wheel is zero and the outside is 10. Rate your level of satisfaction with each life area with a mark then join them up to reveal your wheel.


  1. Fun and Recreation
  2. Personal Growth Spirituality
  3. Career
  4. Health and Well-being
  5. Relationship Romance
  6. Friends and Family
  7. Money
  8. Living Space




If this were a real wheel, how bumpy would the ride be? The purpose of the exercise is to allow you to see which areas of your life you want to work on. What could you do differently that will significantly alter the quality of your present life?




I realized after my husband passed away that I did not know much about investing. I decided to change all that, in particular with investing.  That journey had me attending workshops and seminars. I also joined groups and organisations that had investing as their focus.




Nothing happens by accident. It is called the Law of Cause and Effect. Everything you do or don’t do has an effect or a result, positive or negative, somewhere in your life.  Ann Babiarz, author of the book ‘UP’, says we need to get the very most out of ourselves on a continuing basis so that you can increase success in every area of our life. Be mindful of our thoughts, behaviours, actions and energy levels we maintain control. If we change our thoughts, this changes our energy levels and leads to a change in our world.



Our life plan can be altered:-


  • The first step is to recognize this is possible.
  • Do a self-assessment by completing a wheel of your life.
  • Use this to determine how bumpy your ride is now.
  • Work out what changes you can make to increase your satisfaction 




When we believe with emotion and feeling we are more likely to have what we desire come true. In the words of Earl Nightingale, “you become what you think about”. Invest some time, money and emotion into your life plans to orchestra change and have more success in your life. Click here to listen to Retire Well Retire Happy's episode 51 on Life and balance.




Until next time 




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Friday, 16 November 2018

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