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Secrets to a Successful Retirement

Secrets to a Successful  Retirement

Everyone wants to know the secret. We want the inside knowledge on how to achieve what we have been dreaming about - a happy retirement.  How do we actually succeed at anything? The secret is simple; you have to know what you want.  If you can describe in detail what it is you desire then you see it more clearly and can move in that direction. When you are vague and can only give a general

description of what you think you want the mind gets confused and has to work overtime trying to figure out what it is you mean. No wonder we get frustrated with life when things don’t turn out.  When we are not clear about what it is in life we aspire to we can end up with some unintended consequences.

People say they want to retire rich and then are disappointed when they don’t end up that way. Rich is a very vague statement and rich for one person is completely different number to someone else. Bob Proctor says we should be able to describe what rich looks like for each one of us. You need to be able to quantify what you need to own, have to define your idea of being rich. If you can’t describe it how will you ever know if you achieve it?

The same is true with other concepts to do with retirement. For example, I want to have a happy and healthy life in retirement. Again this is different for the individual. What does healthy look like to you? Do you want to be out playing golf every day or would you be happy to walk the dog around the block?

I believe planning plays a part in achieving a successful retirement. We need to start looking at retirement and what we will be getting up to in retirement well before the big day. It is important to start building up a network of friends, acquaintances and organizations as we cannot rely on our work colleagues once we retire.  

There is a whole new world opening up for us in retirement because of the extra free time we will gain. We may have been living a busy life doing what we had to do but now we finally get to make some real choices and indulge in activities we want to do. Retirement and the subsequent life we lead is up to us and on today’s segment I have Kathy Kline from Rock Your Retirement podcast to share the Lifestyle secrets that Kathy has gained in working on her show interviewing guests, a far cry from her 25 years in the financial services industry.

Come and listen as we swap stories and share secrets on this episode of Retire Well, Retire Happy.


Until next time.

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Guest - Barbara Strickland on Monday, 11 September 2017 17:59

Great post. You have some good guests and always have good insight into the future.

Great post. You have some good guests and always have good insight into the future.
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Saturday, 20 October 2018

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