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Saving and Investing Tips from America's Money Answer Man, Jordan Goodman

Saving and Investing Tips from America's Money Answer Man, Jordan Goodman

To be happy in retirement is a dream for all of us. We are all living longer so the years spent in retirement are growing.  The challenge is to be able to accumulate the nest egg that will generate enough income to be to enjoy this life.

For those looking towards retirement and planning for an easier future having a solid saving and investing plan is critical. The only challenge though, is how to come up with the funds to retire and afford the life of leisure. 

You can be spending on average 30 years or more in retirement. They say the 90 plus age group is the fastest growing in the world. Some of you may be intimidated by the prospect of surviving that long in retirement. The answer is the earlier you get serious about saving and investing the closer you will get to being able to afford that dream retirement.

Retirement coach Ann Nelson of Ann Nelson Enterprises interviewed Jordan Goodman, America’s Money Answer Man, to come up with some suggestions to how to get on track. Jordan has been answering questions on personal finance topics for over 35 years including 18 years as the Wall Street Correspondent for MONEY Magazine. Jordan lately appears on TV, can be heard on the radio and is an author. Jordan joins Ann to share his money savings and investing tips.  www.annnelson.com.au 

According to Ann, the cost of leisure activities is the difference between a comfortable and modest lifestyle. What type of activities will you be able to afford in retirement will be up to how well you saved, invested and according to Jordan Goodman how early you started saving. Jordan believes we are all capable of providing for ourselves in retirement and shares some vital tips on the Retire Well, Retire Happy podcast show. www.annnelson.com.au 

If you want to be able to:-

1.      Retire Early

2.      Holiday in exotic locations

3.      Dine out and play golf at your leisure

4.      Have enough for medical expenses as you age

Then Jordan Goodman suggestions you look at these strategies:-

1.      Put you money to work and earn the  best returns possible

2.      Avoid debt as you enter retirement

3.      Life Insurance settlement can get you a windfall

4.      Start early and put your savings on auto-pilot

For more information about Jordan Tips for building your wealth then check out Ann’s interview with Jordan on her  website and know more about becoming happy in retirement with some savings and investing strategies  visti Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast show.


What does your retirement number look like? Damion...

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Monday, 19 March 2018

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