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Thou Shalt Retain Control of your Investments – Jason Hartman

Thou Shalt Retain Control of your Investments – Jason Hartman

Do you have a financial advisor? How comfortable are you with investing?  Have you ever looked at your managed funds statements and wondered what all those fees are for? There is another way to look at investing and that is to take control yourself.

Do you get calls from your stock broker urging you to sell this stock and buy another on a regular basis? Are they acting in your best interest or are they just lining their own pockets by earning commissions every time they trade your stocks.

If you are willing to invest your time into learning about different investment strategies you too could be successfully controlling your own investments. The earlier you start the better. If you have a goal in sight, a money number you want to achieve, then you will have a better chance of getting there if you have a plan to reach it by a certain age.

Retirement coach Ann Nelson of Ann Nelson Enterprises interviewed Jason Hartman a self-made multi-millionaire, to reveal his reasons for his belief in taking control of your own finances. Jason is a serial entrepreneur who started 21 companies in the investing, financing, real estate development and tech spaces. Jason has owned properties in 11 states in the USA. Jason joins Ann to share his commandments for investingwww.annnelson.com.au 

Don’t leave you financial future to fate? The number of people that run out of money in retirement is growing. The lack of planning is crucial in the demise of many. There are stories of older folk that are starving trying to survive on the pension as they have run out of money and do not have the support of family.  

Taking action to come up with some sort of financial plan will get you started. Spending all that you earn is not a good plan in fact it is financial disaster. Put away now for your future while you are young and can work. Being forced to work into your 70’s and forever is what you could look forward to if you don’t have a financial strategy for your future.

Professional advisors are invaluable when it comes time to make a final decision. While self-education is a necessary cornerstone for responsible investment, understanding the ins and outs of any given real estate market is nearly impossible without historical experience, daily research, and human networking in the desired market Find an advisor who is paid to produce results – NOT somebody who is paid just to move their lips! Jason believes we are all capable of building a real estate portfolio with just a bit of capital to get you started and shares his top hot stop for investing in solid cash flow residential real estate  on the Retire Well, Retire Happy podcast showwww.annnelson.com.au 

If you want to be able to:-

1.     Survive and thrive in retirement

2.     Not have to starve on the pension

3.     Not run out of money in retirement

4.     Enjoy your hobbies and have a peaceful life

Then Jason Hartman suggests you look at these strategies:-

1.     Invest in some financial education

2.     Get yourself a qualified professional advisor

3.     Maintain control of your investments

4.     Spread your financial risk

For more information about Jason’s Commandants for real estate investing then check out Ann’s interview with Jason on her website and make becoming a   Responsible investor your choice at Retire Well Retire Happy Podcast show



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Sunday, 09 December 2018

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