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Retirement Coach Says Reinventing Yourself After 50 Is the Key To A Happy Retirement

Retirement Coach Says Reinventing Yourself After 50 Is the Key To A Happy Retirement

People live life knowing they should following their dreams. However, many fear taking the risk that many dreams involve because they do not want to look foolish or make mistakes.  No one succeeds or achieves what they want in life without taking some risks, and that is even more important in preparing for retirement.

Some people find themselves feeling trapped in something they do not love doing, yet they are afraid to change things for fear of making mistakes. However, retirement coach Ann Nelson of Ann Nelson Enterprises said it is never too late to reinvent oneself to find happiness, even after 50. www.annnelson.com.au


“Focus on staying happy and healthy going into retirement,” Ann says. “If you have a friendly and supportive community around you, it’s easier to feel a sense of purpose and gratitude moving forward with decisions in order to achieve your goals." www.annnelson.com.au


When it comes to reinventing yourself after 50, Ann takes the inspiring case of guide, mentor, speaker and author, Kawena Gordon who reinvented herself in her 50s. Now at age 87, Kawena is still working, and feeling better than ever.


"At the moment I’m having a lovely time - I feel so well and it’s so easy to learn new things, my mind is clearer than it’s been for many years," Kawena told Ann in “Retire Well, Retire Happy with Ann Nelson” podcast. "And what happened at a point when I was about 50, I learn to sing and I went on to the stage." www.annnelson.com.au


While learning how to sing, Kawena discovered deep breathing helps her become healthier, have more energy and joy in life. She expanded her study and learnt about the different ways of breathing. She found out that the secret to happiness in retirement is being healthy. She is the epitome of healthy living for seniors.


Learning the different ways of breathing led Kawena to be on stage to sing, act and eventually, to be a presenter. After practicing on the stage for around 22 years, she left the stage and taught meditation. Based on all she had learnt, she wrote a book, “Happiness Is Just a Breath Away” and she is now happier than ever.


Kawena's book is a self-healing one, teaching people what she learned along the way. It is a book that likewise teaches gentle meditations that are powerful affirmations for the mind, body and soul. The book talks about confidence, self-esteem with self-respect, intuitive awareness that guides life's direction, and spiritually uplifting meditations that soothe the soul.


Kawena emphasized it may sound selfish but it is important to put oneself first before helping others. Her philosophy is, “One has to help himself with health so he will help more people longer.”


For example, mothers put their children first and forget about themselves. They will not be there eventually for the children if they do not care for their own health. When children leave home, mothers will also end up on their own to take care of themselves. They have to get well enough to enjoy the rest of their lives.


The octogenarian likewise previously created CDs, some of which were for children's meditation. She felt fulfilled when a boy who used to stay awake all night, went fast asleep the first night he got her CD.  She created mentoring cards for each day, which one can use to gain confidence and love oneself more.


Kawena’s 3 tips for success: Have faith in the Creator, take what you feel is right for you and never, never criticise yourself because it is like throwing it back to the Creator of what He created. Her favourite quote? "I'm too blessed to be stressed."


"Start early don’t wait until you’re old and maybe start when you’re 40,” the inspirational speaker recommends with regard to retirement activity planning. “Because we start to lose part of our energy as we get older from then on."



When thinking about preparing for retirement and to uncover the keys to happy retirement, tune in to the retirement expert’s podcast and hear the inspiring story of Kawena Gordon and many others. Click here.

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Sunday, 09 December 2018

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