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Preparing to Retire? Retirement Coach Gives Three Tips for a Smooth Transition into Retirement

Preparing to Retire? Retirement Coach Gives Three Tips for a Smooth Transition into Retirement

Australia retirement coach and author of ‘Retire Well, Retire Happy’ gives three tips that every retiree needs to know.

Retirement is another major phase of life, just like going to school for the first time, getting married or seeing the children moving out of home. While some people manage to jump into retirement smoothly, others find the adjustment to retirement difficult. 

Retirement coach and author of ‘Retire Well, Retire Happy’, Ann Nelson says there are ways to make the transition into retirement smoother and manageable so the change doesn’t feel drastic after participating in the workforce for decades. www.annnelson.com.au

“Most people preparing to retire can start to feel lost, because they’ve identified within their job or income for most of their life. Once a

purpose has been set heading into retirement, the decision making process becomes clearer, and there’s a sense of contentment and satisfaction,” says Ann. “You don’t need to change the world or save the planet in your later years, you just need to enjoy the last part of your journey.”



Ann provides these three tips for people preparing to retire:


1. Make a decision about where to settle down before reaching retirement. “Moving as a senior can bring about a sense of insecurity, fear and discomfort, which can be traumatic,” says Ann. “It’s always better to know your surroundings and trust your neighbours as you age, just in case remaining completely independent becomes a challenge.”


2. Focus on making healthy decisions, for the body and the mind. “My healthy living tips for seniors would be to join a supportive and friendly community group, exercise regularly, and eat in moderation,” says Ann. “Staying happy and healthy will make it possible for you to do the things you love.” www.annnelson.com.au


3. Be prepared. “Try and stay flexible, so changes don’t knock you sideways. Psychological blows and unexpected financial outlays can be difficult to manage if you’re not prepared for life’s changes,” says Ann. “Always have a back-up plan; it’ll only add to your feelings of security.”


Ann encourages people to look for volunteer opportunities for retirees in their area, to combat the void after finishing up with regular work. According to Ann, joining a club, group or new community fosters new friendships and gives a sense of purpose, which are two of the things most commonly missed from working full time.


“When we feel happy and content, we tend to breathe more deeply, smile more frequently and laugh more easily, which relaxes the body and increases oxygen intake,” says Ann.



For more information about the retirement coach Ann Nelson, or her book ‘Retire Well, Retire Happy’, visit www.annnelson.com.auor listen to her podcast where she interviews experts in their fields – including investing, health, estate planning, financial advisors and senior’s health care – and people heading into their twilight years, at  http://itunes.apple.com/au/podcast/retire-well-retire-happy-podcast/id1074175120..


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Friday, 15 February 2019

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