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Passive Real Estate Investing - what does this mean?

Passive Real Estate Investing - what does this mean?

Hi everyone, it’s Ann here again.  Today I have something a little different for you to think about.  Investing and passive are not words you would normally think go together.  This podcast however, an interview with Amy Kirsch, will give insight into becoming a passive real estate investor, and introduce you to Realty Shares, the online crowdfunding platform.  Still puzzled as to what this is really all about?

How can you possibly benefit from a Real Estate portfolio without actually owning investment properties? This is your opportunity to discover what this means and how you can turn it to your advantage using it perhaps as a vehicle for that retirement dilemma. I am sure Amy will be able to help you make sense of this new concept matching investors and borrowers. 

Online real estate crowdfunding platforms are designed to appeal to a wide variety of accredited investors. Millenniums through to traditional investors can all benefit from matching accredited investors with real estate property developers.  We are all familiar with the stock market, and with investing in real estate but what few of us are familiar with, is the new trend that allows us to get into the real estate market without having direct ownership or the responsibilities of maintenance.

Whether you are an ordinary person like myself, or a busy professional yet to retire, reaping the benefits with this new trend may be worth considering. When I first started as a retirement coach I had a few ideas about helping others but every day I am discovering so much more.  In fact I am already considering a second publication to follow my Retire Well, Retire HappyBuilding wealth takes time and the more ideas we can find, the better off we will all be. Join me as I talk to Amy about this new trend and learn:

1.     How to Diversify your portfolio

2.     How to own real estate without the maintenance hassles

3.     What the differences is between real estate and the stock market? and

4.     How to hook up with crowdfunding online platforms


Until later






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Monday, 19 March 2018

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