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Looking to Invest in a New Sector? Tips from a CFO.

Looking to Invest in a New Sector?  Tips from a CFO.

Recently I had a deep dive into the Oil & Gas sector.  I have been intrigued with posts on Instagram from the Incremental Oil & Gas Company and decided to connect.  Who better to find out about an industry than from a CFO of the company working in that sector?

As shareholders we have the right to ring the company up and ask questions about the company’s performance.  Quite often when a company is doing well the whole sector could be doing well.  When looking at investing have a look at which sectors are performing well on the stock exchange, and then have a closer look at those sectors and check to which companies within those sectors are the top performing companies.

Longevity is a key component to the strength of a company. I look at what products or services they offer and will there be a demand for the commodity in the immediate and long term future.  If I have invested in strong companies with good fundamentals and have faith in the long term future of that industry than I can sleep at night.

The world’s population is expanding and growing in wealth creating demands for small luxuries.  These include motor bikes, motor cars and other products based on oil and gas. But, we also need to keep an eagle eye on what products we consume.  Think about what is being used in your community in simple terms like Nike sandshoes or Coca-Cola.  Everyone has to eat so what are the supermarket stocks doing? 

Our risk profile will determine the type of company we choose. Some companies are start-up companies and they don’t have established revenue streams. Some of these companies succeed and some don’t. Have a listen to my interview with Simon Adams from Incremental Oil & Gas and get some tips from a CFO.

To listen to the podcast episode click here. 


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Monday, 19 March 2018

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