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Learn the Investing Secrets of the Wealthy with Graham Bibby

Learn the Investing Secrets of the Wealthy with Graham Bibby

Tips on mastering your money via Investments! 

“I always had the desire to do something with money!” 

“It's all about the mind-set and focusing on the outcome that you want to achieve” 

“The trend is your friend!”

 -        Graham Bibby, Author, Entrepreneur and Investment Expert 

Today's guest is Graham Bibby, the founder of “The Insider's club”. Graham is an author and also a much sought after investment expert. He has over 3 decades of experience in both investing as well as the study of investing and the stock charts. Graham is the author of “Master your Mind, Master your Money” with a new book coming out shortly titled “The Truth behind the Investing Game”. Last but not the least, Graham regularly appears on TV and media (CNBC, Bloomberg etc.) as well as in investment forums around the world.

 In this episode, Graham talks about his childhood and his humble beginnings (scrubbing floors was his first job!). Graham was always interested about money from a young age. This led him to delve deep into the stock market and how it works. This led him to understand that there was a game behind the stock market and why the rich keeping making money, but the poor lose money on the stock market! 

He talks about the one fundamental thing that the rich take care that the masses don’t! He also talks about the key to long term investing that everybody should know about. Graham busts the myth that you cannot time the market. Graham speaks about his mission to help as many people as possible to create a plan to succeed in life financially. Finally he finishes with giving us some tips in successful trading and talks about the importance of self education when it comes to finances and investing! He also reveals his opinion on the sectors which are hot right now and places where you should invest some of your money.

 Resources that Graham mentions on the show: 

·         “Master your mind, Master your money” will be available exclusively for listeners of “Retire Well, Retire Happy” podcast for free. http://bit.ly/1QfX4wd or go to the podcast page of this website and choose iTunes or Stitcher to listen to Graham's great tips. 

·         You can check out more details about Graham Bibby on his new website GrahamBibby.com 


·         Contact Graham via his PA at paceo AT richmondth.com for a free review of your portfolio. Listen for the free book offer (Postage and Handling charges apply).

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Monday, 19 March 2018

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