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Learn the Importance of Seeking Financial Advice from expert Louise Agnew

Learn the Importance of Seeking Financial Advice from expert Louise Agnew

Importance of Seeking Financial Advice

Many successful investors consider the financial advisors as their primary source of financial information. Women are slightly more likely to seek financial advice than men. It is true that, many individuals need help on many steps to implement a necessary financial plan for retirement goals.  The earlier you seek financial advice in preparation for retirement, the better. As a youth, you should ask yourself;

  • Will I have sufficient money in my retirement to do what I want?
  • What are my better options when financial circumstances change?
  • How should I invest my money for future help?
  • Am I really saving and investing in the in the right place?
  • How am I preparing for my retirement?

Seeking financial advice is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. It gives you the most required and necessary knowledge to save and invest your funds for future. It is very easy to earn massive amounts at your youth age, but if you want to avoid retiring poor then you need to seek financial advice early in your working life.

Ann Nelson, Retire Well Retire Happy, recently interviewed Louise Agnew, from the Lyfe Group, that specializes in financial education, planning, and property services and is the  author of the book, Worthy Women. I asked when  Louise recommends to seek financial advice? ‘The time that I would suggest best to look at your finances is when you're getting married, at a really happy time in your life.  That would be ideal.  To make sure, as a couple, that your goals and objectives are congruent all the time.  We like to have reviews with our clients.  I would say many marriages have been saved due to us having reviews and just making sure that people are still on track, and if they're not, then creating new goals, so that they're on that journey in life together.’

Louise Agnew has over 15 years working in the financial planning industry and says ‘unfortunately the most critical time that people actually seek advice is often when something has happened, or something's gone wrong, or, you know a major life change - it's pretty unfortunate that that is when people look out for financial advice.  You know, certainly when you're getting into your fifties, and partners had cancer, or a mini-heart attack, or something that's happened that's really triggered an emotional response.  The other time I think that people look at it is death in the family, or moving out of the workforce, or potentially getting made redundant.’ 


Why should seek financial advice at an early age as a woman?

  • It gives your passion pot the required boost to achieve more in life
  • It makes you better prepared for retirement
  • Helps to protect what is important to you for future use
  • It gives you idea on how your assets can work best for retirement readiness


When should you seek financial advice?

  • When you are still young and energetic
  • When you want to achieve peaceful and good retirement moment
  • If you are having troubles on how best to invest your finances
  • If tax season keeps reminding you to change your retirement contributions
  • If you are a fresh college graduate preparing to join the world of full-time employed
  • If you get an inheritance or start a business
  • If you have already set a goal for a particular retirement date
  • When you are determined to achieve certain level of investments

Receiving financial advice is very important because it will help you to become what you wish to be at retirement age. A good life is a guarantee and wise investments choices as well. There is no minimum amount required to seek financial advice. Any amount is sufficient for advice. Remember planning your financial future gives you more choices.

Prepare your retirement by seeking financial advice from a professional advisor now!!!


Louise Agnew’s business moto is "To plan, protect, and prosper." Listen to the Retire Well, Retire Happy podcast interview with Louise Agnew



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Sunday, 09 December 2018

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