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How to create ‘mail box’ money

How  to create ‘mail box’ money

Do you dream to create ‘mail box’ money?  This is where money shows up either when you open the letter box and there is another cheque to bank or electronically in our bank account on a regular basis. How sweet is that? To be able to have that passive income coming in each month or each quarter where

we don’t have to lift too many fingers is the dream of many. This is the dream to build that passive income up to replace our job and enable us to retire or even retire early.

How can this be achieved? Well some of us are into receiving dividend income. This is where we invest in stocks and receive in return a dividend or share of the company’s profits paid out to investors usually twice a year.  We can also receive an interest payment from investing in bonds or term deposits. Some of us are earning that passive income online and some are creating it through real estate investments.

Online income may take a bit of work to get going.  There are numerous  ways to create online income streams including writing, affiliate marketing, membership sites, product development.  If you don’t have the funds to start your own online website then it is possible to get paid for work by offering your services via websites like Fiverr.com. This site connects buyers and sellers to get paid work done. Gigs start from a low $5 US dollars and there are many talented individuals getting paid for a variety of services including: editing, blogging, graphic designing, social media marketing,  animation and music videos to name just a few.

Some investors just love real estate. There are numerous to make money in the real estate space.  Crowd funding sites like Realtyshares. l are attracting the younger investor.  More traditional forms of real estate ownership include buying to rent. This can also have a very attractive return if you buy in the right locations like Jason Hartman advocates.

Retire Well Retire Happy podcast host, Ann Nelson, was intrigued to recently interview Whitney Nicely that has a different approach to real estate investing and is getting  very nicely rewarded.  Whitney believes every woman should control her own destiny by investing in real estate as soon and as much as possible.  Whitney coaches women how they can use no money, no credit and no banks to finance real estate deals in the country.


Listen to the interview to see another way to make money in Real Estate and find out how you can create mail box money.

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Monday, 19 March 2018

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