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Happy in Retirement: Retirement Coach Interviews Travel Expert on How to Retire and Travel the World

Happy in Retirement: Retirement Coach Interviews Travel Expert on How to Retire and Travel the World

To be happy in retirement and travel need not be expensive and while most people love to travel, not many are able to retire and travel the world. 

For the retirees who often have plenty of time after child rearing and career years, traveling can be an exciting experience. The only challenge though, is how to come up with the funds to retire and travel the world. 

Retirement coach Ann Nelson of Ann Nelson Enterprises interviewed travel enthusiast Shane Thomas who has been traveling since the age of 20. Having visited 109 countries for 46 years, Shane is a living proof that travelling in retirement need not be extravagant. www.annnelson.com.au 

According to Ann, the cost of leisure activities is the difference between a comfortable and modest lifestyle. Some organisations have amazing deals, yet it is people’s willingness to discard luxuries that can make the difference, proving it is possible for anyone to retire and travel the world on any budget. www.annnelson.com.au 

Shane was a television station technician for 7 years, sold real estate for 5 years and managed a mobile phone shop for 3 years. He also worked in call centres so he could travel a lot while he spent the last 7 years semi-retired or retired. 

Shane's main goal was to pay off his mortgage and when he achieved this goal, he felt financially free. Furthermore, he won a travel prize in 1993 which allowed him to travel to places for free. It included a tour of the United States, Europe and other places with unlimited train travel passes, 30-day Delta Air pass for unlimited flights in the U.S. After the blast, the travel bug had well and truly bitten him, and all Shane could think was the next trip. 

Shane was in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia during his interview with retirement coach, Ann Nelson. He had been there for six weeks into a two-month stay. He lives in various locations for two or three months per location. 

Shane said that when one starts to travel, he or she would realize the world gets bigger. Instead of planning where to go, he checks which cheap air fares are available and books it a month or 12 months ahead. He has spent one to three months living in China, Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia. 

Shane budgets about $6,500 AUD yearly for his travel, $230 of which is for the accommodation that is mostly fan room or non-aircon, though he has experienced having unlimited air conditioning with the price range. In Tahiti, a night in a pension house is just $20 which sounds impossible when one considers it is one of the most sought after honeymoon destinations with prices advertised at $1,500 a night in hotel. In Thailand, a genuine 5 star hotel is under $100 for a night if one wants a treat. 

The traveling guy stayed mostly in Asia these days, though he considers Central and South America as well. However, he has to increase his budget by 50 to 60 per cent if he wants to visit these destinations in the next two to three years. In South East Asia, he can live on an average of $22 per day. 


Check out Ann’s interview with Shane on her website and know more about becoming happy in retirement and some senior travel tips. www.annnelson.com.au

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Sunday, 09 December 2018

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