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Get Paid to Travel - Learn from an expert, Merrain Styles

Get Paid to Travel  - Learn from an expert, Merrain Styles

One of the most important things in the world is to stay happy and be very productive by loving what you do and delivering your best to the job at all times. However, that doesn’t really mean you have to be tied to the desk with your job, instead there are many jobs that do allow you to travel quite a lot while still providing you with a very good pay check.

Merrian Styles has 30 years’ experience working around the world, in professions ranging from a managing director, marketing consultant to a change facilitator. Merrian knows what it takes to run a company. Starting from a young age with her now ex-husband, they worked predominately with most of the large Oil & Gas companies taking them from Malaysia, to Cairo, Paris and Western Australia. Merrian has re-invented herself in her 50's and is using her work travel experience to pen a book, 'Taking Off How to be paid to Travel', interviewing, some of the most successful people in the world that combine work and travel.

Merrian believes you have to be brave when looking at working overseas. Merrian says ‘You’ll never know what you can and can’t do, ..you need to take a few risks and chances.” Obviously, you will need to be ok with the idea of staying away from the loved ones as well.  Despite the challenges about combining work and travel because you can easily miss important things in the life of the people you care about while working. Because of that, it can be a true challenge to stay away from home for many years. In fact, that’s what really makes the experience special and unique, the opportunity to make new friends all around the world. The more often you visit those countries the more you will feel at home in each one.

Merrian left Australia as a newly married 21 year old and 20 of her next 30 years were spent working and living in foreign countries.  Sometimes we don’t get that chance to take a breath and reflect on our lives. Merrian got that chance returning home to Western Australia after 30 years of a very busy life and career. As a result of getting divorced and in the process losing her company Merrian looked at reinventing herself based on her passions, her values of work and travel.  

Merrian is enjoying interviewing many people that have achieved great success working around the world. Some common treads she has found with her guests that they all share she calls the 5 P's. These personal principles that lead to business success are:-

  • ·         Passion
  • ·         Perseverance
  • ·         Presence – being present in the moment
  • ·         Participation – being an action taker
  • ·         Performance – it’s all about results


To hear more about this most exciting guest, hear about some of her adventures and gain some valuable life lessons listen to the podcast interview with Merrian Styles on Retire Well, Retire Happy.

Listen to his interview here http://annnelson.com.au/retire-well-retire-happy/the-podcast/39-get-paid-to-travel.html.  To read and listen to more stories go to www.annnelson.com.



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Monday, 19 March 2018

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