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Feeling stressed and wanting to escape big city life?

Feeling stressed and wanting to escape big city life?

What do you do when your life is so busy that you continually feel stressed out?  Do you feel that you are on the go all the time leaving home early to race off to work and coming home late after dark? Are your health suffering and you just don’t seem to be able to take the time to get better?  Do you spend your weekends collapsed on the sofa trying to muster the strength to tackle the week ahead?  There are many of us that can relate to this image of being on the go all the time and never having quite enough time to recharge.

Some of us get to rise up in the corporate world and have to trade our time for money. Some of us have to work because our lifestyle demands that we need to pay for that nice house and all the trimmings that we feel we needed.   When we live in a big city the pace of our life can be so exhausting that we end up not having the energy left to enjoy what we have been working to pay off.

But when nothing seems to be working to make things better, when we are constantly unwell and feel that our life is constantly in a spin what can we do?  Most times it takes two people to keep working to pay the bills. It is not easy to have a change of pace and remain where we currently live. So what are the alternatives? If one partner needs to stop working then this could mean a change in lifestyle. Are you prepared to accept this in the prime of our lives?

 An alternative would be to downsize and relocate.  Moving away from your favourite hangouts may not be palatable. Another alternative is to relocate overseas. More and more Aussies are looking to an Asian country to enjoy a comfortable retirement at an earlier age.


Today's guest, Rachel Devlin, is the Chaing Mai correspondent for International Living Australia. Rachel, in her mid-40’s, was leading a stressed out busy life in Sydney and made the big decision to relocate to Thailand. Have a listen to how moving to another country has worked out for Rachel and her family. 

Listen here to how life turned out for Rachel and her family.

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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

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