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Cost-Saving Tips for Travellers in Retirement

Cost-Saving Tips for Travellers in Retirement

If you save wisely during your working days so as to live the retirement of your dreams, then traveling must be one of the things which you would like to do.  Definitely, you would like to experience the best meals, hotels, and adventure while you are driving on foreign land.  In fact, traveling is considered  the first goal of many retirees, even more, that spending time with family and friends.  Some of the world’s popular destinations where the many retiree dreams of visiting in their

retirement include; Alaska in the USA, in the Danube and the Rhine rivers which are located in central Europe, the southern Caribbean, and Hawaii in the United States.   You may travel voluntarily to explore the nature, but also you may travel for medical holidays. Despite your reason for traveling, you should spend your money wisely so as to ensure many great trips in future. It is not advisable to blow your bank on a single trip.  Here are some of the tips that can help you cost-save when traveling.

1.      Travel during off-peak times

Since you don’t have to cram onto weekends flights, take that advantage of booking the flights that leave on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday because they are always cheap.  That will help you to avoid paying more for weekend flights.

2.      Ensure you fully utilize the discounts you are entitled

 If you are a member of veteran’s group, don’t forget to mention that when purchasing an air ticket.  You are entitled to get substantial discounts on flights, hotels or even in rental cars.  For instance, the United Airlines discounts any air ticket purchase online by a person over 65 years. 

3.      Think of getting health and travel insurances

One key downer about retirement travel is considered to the health issues.  You may want to buy an extra health insurance since many Medicare supplemental insurance plans don’t necessarily offer insurance coverage out of the country.

4.      Budget with a cushion

It is important to locate about 20% of your money for unseen costs when making your budget. That will cover any money shortage that may incur unknowingly.

5.      Always consider a home swap


You should save money o a rental while you travel especially if you stay for a long time. That will enable you will be able to swap houses with a local. Therefore, you will evade the hotel costs. However, just be sure to sign any relevant document that may lay out ground rules before starting to stay in someone’s home. 


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Sunday, 09 December 2018

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