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Conscious Living

Conscious Living

How often do we go about our lives without questioning things? We accept our surroundings, where we hang out, what we eat, what we wear based on our history, our comfort, and our community.  What if we

are forced to step back and look at our direction? Can you see yourself sitting comfortably in the future? Is the existing generation where you want to be? Do you want the same treatment they receive? We need to imagine our lives in the future.

Will our current situation be the right place for us as we age? Chances are you will end up on your own at some point.  Are you prepared? I have learnt from my own experience that the future can change very quickly. My life changed dramatically when I lost my husband suddenly to a heart attack back in 2009. My life as I had envisioned disappeared. So too did my mother’s life when Dad passed away at age 85 and for the first time Mum had to move house on her own  and be a part of a completely new community in her 80’s.

I love what I do because I get to meet fascinating people like Naomi Colb and get a completely different slant on life. Naomi, becoming despondent with her country and their treatment of the elderly, looked elsewhere to find a place she could live a Conscious Life. Don’t be put off by these words.  All it means is that we are heading in the direction of a global community where your values may be better respected more in another country.  

Those that follow the principles of a Conscious Life focus on all aspects of living from improving health, wellbeing, spirituality, nature and physical activity, using eco-friendly products, practices, sourcing organic food, celebrations and adventures. Their futures are about where and how they will live. This includes where they invest their money.

Conscious Investing is an area where you make a conscious choice to only invest in companies that make their income in ethical ways. For example investing in a company that manufactured slot machines for gambling would be against this ethical code. So too, would investing in a mining company that chops down forest to get at the minerals in the ground be in this category.  

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Monday, 19 March 2018

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