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Baby Boomers Love the Freedom That Comes with Being an Online Entrepreneur

Baby Boomers Love the Freedom That Comes with Being an Online Entrepreneur


Baby boomers are unique in history. Most are refusing to retire like their ancestors – accepting the gold watch and then reclining in a chair for the rest of their lives. Boomers are active, both mentally and physically, and are leaving their own footprints on the world.


Best of all, boomers are enjoying the innate freedom that comes from being an online entrepreneur. At approximately 80 million (and growing), boomers are meeting their retirement years with entrepreneurial mindsets.


They’re using the computer and the ‘net to restart their lives and supplement their incomes. The freedom they enjoy stems from having more time to devote to other pursuits besides work and focusing on making money for their retirement.


Instead, they’re making money and concentrating on building businesses that they can be proud of and learn from. These new retirees are used to making an impact on the world in which they live and now they’re redefining retirement by becoming successful online entrepreneurs.


They’re enjoying the traveling and setting their own hours that being an online entrepreneur affords them and also realizing a life-long desire of owning their own businesses.


Most boomers are completely comfortable with computers and the Internet, which gives them a huge advantage in starting an online business. As past employees of various companies that use computers, they’ve learned and honed the skills necessary to make money online and share their knowledge rather than having it go to waste.


Boomers no longer have to risk their life savings to open a shop or spend a wealth of money on the knowledge and skills they need to begin a business. What they know now will see them comfortably through their retirement years if they use that knowledge wisely.


Building and nurturing online businesses also boost the boomers’ enthusiasm for life and excitement about owning their own businesses and supplementing their retirement incomes enough to enjoy their retirement years rather than dread them.


Information exists to help the new online entrepreneur overcome hurdles and gather knowledge about starting an online business. Make sure you double check any information and beware of online scams that offer immediate success.


Financial growth, security and the freedom to set your own hours and determine your own wealth are just some of the reasons that baby boomers are flocking to the Internet to become online entrepreneurs.

 Ann Nelson became a widow at 55, and was forced to manage her finances alone. She gained knowledge from seminars, joined groups and sought advice. She made mistakes along the way but gained wisdom from them. With one book under her belt, she is now a podcast show talking with others to and sharing stories on how to have a successful retirement, just as she has – in their later years. www.annnelson.com.au 

To find out more about retirement and Ann Nelson’s inspiring story, visit www.annnelson.com.au.

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Sunday, 09 December 2018

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