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Achieving your Dream Lifestyle

Achieving your Dream Lifestyle

Are you prepared to think outside the square? Does retiring early and spending time travelling appeal to you? It did to Keith & Tina Paul and they now spend their time doing what suits them.

Moving to that dream location when you retire is fast becoming the retiree idea of heaven. In Australia that destination spot is the Gold Coast in Queensland because of the beaches, surf and glorious sunshine.  There is no doubt this is an ideal destination but for the moment let’s not set destination limits. Each of us has different needs and we need to explore different avenues to suit us as individuals.

What most of us do have is in common is that the cost of living, especially energy costs in our own countries, is spiralling upwards. How can you afford to retire and live without that pay-packet coming in each week? How will you afford those little luxuries that give life joy like dining out, going to the movies, playing golf, or going to the theatre?  These are simple things.  They are not free however.

Keith and Tina Paul came up with a very interesting alternative so they could make the most of their retirement years.  They saw the world as a global community and decided to do some further investigating. They discovered cost of living in some countries is a fraction of what we are used to paying. Airfares are becoming cheaper; travel is becoming faster and good internet service more common than people realise. Social media like Facebook and Skype ensures we can catch up with and actually see loved ones on a regular basis.

Where is all this leading? Join me as Keith and Tina Paul from Retire Early and Travel explain how they live their dream to travel and manage to retire early to do it.  It is always hard to put yourself first. But if you are tossing up as to whether you will ever have enough money to retire and start taking life a bit easier then listening to what others have to say may give you your own ideas.  

Have a listen to the episode here. 

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Monday, 19 March 2018

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