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87 Years Young and Still a Power House of Energy, Hear how Kawena Gordon maintains her Vitality and Leaves most of us behind!

87 Years Young and Still a Power House of Energy, Hear how Kawena Gordon maintains her Vitality and Leaves most of us behind!

Doing what you are passionate about brings the best in you; and it makes you feel delighted to offer the service pleasurably. It thrills me when I see old people still standing strong and doing great things because of their commitments to work at their early phase of life. This leaves me with wonders and deep thoughts on why young ones shouldn’t emulate same path they followed in achieving their success.

An 87 year young Australian, Kawena Gordon; is a lifetime member of the Psychics Directory and a strong woman who has re-invented herself in her 50’s and still engaging in work activities. She went into teaching meditation after learning how to sing for three months.

Discovering the healthiness of deep quality breathing when learning to sing in her previous years sets her on a path she never imagined.

Being a singer made her gain confidence and the ability to make presentations with no fear. She is an inspirer, an author and a motivator. 

She termed her book, “Happiness Is Just a Breath Away” as a Self-Healing book because it teaches people about her experience so far. The book is loaded with great contents which help to teach readers very gentle meditations and powerful affirmations for the Mind, Body and Soul. She gets overwhelmed in sharing things that works for her.

Your daily lives can be improved daily by setting aside 30minutes in deep breathings, affirmations and meditation. Doing this will make you get over worries quickly, thereby making you more energetic and healthier.

There are several breathing techniques; the throat breathing and power breathing. For daily improve in energy through the day, throat breathing can be engaged in. Power breathing can be done if you are feeling a bit low during the day. Add extra oxygen to your body by having quality deep breath makes you Happy, Healthy and full of Energy.

To someone who has purported in his or her heart to start a new path, Kawena  encourages you to find your passion (i.e. what makes you happy) and take steps by trending in that discovered path. You have got to embrace life and also value who you truly are. Come what may the challenges, don't let it hinder your dreams.

As a person, I'm often asked the question “what is the gut feeling?” which I reply with "gut feeling is taking an action". If you have a bad feelings about something, don't do it and vice versa. Fear has been the major barrier to success. Taking risks is part of life; you won't be a true success unless you overcome the fear of taking risks. Don't be driven away by fear in achieving your goals.

Keep yourself motivated and focused by doing what you are passionate about and share your knowledge, experience and your money to help others. Doing this things is a sense of achievement and happiness.

Here Are 3 Great Tips for Reaching Greater Levels Of Success

·         Follow the path of the successful ones in your field.

·         Have faith in God and believe in yourself.

·         Never criticize yourself.


Adhering and practicing the stated success tips leaves you with no other option than to be successful.

I know reading this blog has been a value for your time, “knowledge is power”. For more information and enquiries, especially for those in preparedness to retire, connect  my website on http://annnelson.com.au (or through the social media on Twitter, Instagram and on Facebook ; which can be accessed from the website provided). You can as well subscribe to iTunes for my podcast show in order watch the interview with Kawena Gordon and consequent ones. I admonish and encourage you to always keep in touch with me for more edifying and nourishing discussions and updates. http://annnelson.com.au/retire-well-retire-happy/the-podcast.html

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Monday, 19 March 2018

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